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How to Look for the Right Healer?

In today’s world, honest and genuine healers who are experts in their field are quite rare. Most of these psychics, root workers, spirit healers, tantriks, Muslim Maulanas, etc control earthly, weak spirits who can never be a risk to the healer when compared to controlling powerful spirits. However, these weak earthly spirits are unable to fight the djinns, demons, and devils and other evil entities from the spirit world controlled by black magicians and are only good at fetching information to influence your decision to hire the healer. There is a saying in India that goes: Healers who can fetch information cannot heal, and the ones who can heal will never tell as to who is behind your miseries. The genuine healers follow the military policy: don't ask, don't tell as they have agreements with spirits from the higher realm and are forbidden to give out any such information that can damage the victims life in the long run. 

Most of the black magicians are experts in casting evil spells, and summoning the strongest possible evil entities from the spirit-energy world, and assigning them on their victims, or engulfing the soul of the victim commonly called as spirit attachment or Possession. When the victim gets possessed by the evil spirit controlled by the black magician, the victims real self is overtaken by the spirit and made to act as per the motives of the black magician working on the victim.

So that you do not fall into the trap of a greedy healer or an evil black magician working under the disguise of a healer, here are some tips to safeguard yourself.

Step 1: Safeguard your energy signature. Just as each computer has a unique ID, the universe or God or whatever you chose to call him has given you a unique energy signature. Even identical twins will have their own unique energy signatures. This energy signature must be used to heal the victim distantly, while the same energy signature is being used by the black magician to harm the victim distantly using the evil spirit world. Without this energy signature, no one can perform black magic on you and no healer in the world can heal you. Having access to the energy system is a must to harm or heal an individual.

A Word of Caution: Do not give the following sensitive information to anyone unless you are 100% sure that you are in touch with a genuine healer whose sole purpose is to help you for a set one-time or monthly fee or the healer is helping in the name of God. Providing any of the following information to a black magician can get you trapped & controlled using spirits so that you can be cheated of your finances, your bio-energies, spiritual energies as well as your destiny.

Work through text messaging or email only to safeguard yourself.

A genuine healer will require your first name and your mother's first name at birth to access your energy signature to facilitate the healing process. 

Your Nails, Hair, or other body-related items - Never should you give these to anyone as they carry your DNA and energy signature and are still linked with your body through psychic chords. The genuine healers who work with Angels or divine spirits will never ask for any of the above items to heal you. Healers who use the dark side to hurt or heal people will ask for the above. Females should discard their pads in a public dumpster where no one can have access to them. 

Your clothing including undergarments - NEVER give these to anyone as they carry your body scent and your energy signature can be extracted from these and spirit can be assigned to you. 

Your Picture - The healer will require your freshly taken picture to check your situation. With the majority of people having social media accounts, your pictures are available to everyone anyways. Still, be cautious when distributing your picture to people you don't know or those you may suspect.

Step 2: Ask the healer what form of a system they use to heal people. If they are going to send you an amulet, talisman, a taweez, a thread, charged water to drink or food to eat or an object to keep with you or under your pillow, there is a strong possibility that you could end up having more troubles as the above falls in the area of lower/evil spirits or djinns. Be very careful when eating anything given to you by a healer.

There are many kinds of healers out there: some can only heal you face to face as they need your presence to channel divine energies but this kind of healing is the riskiest as you are giving full access to your body-mind-spirit and you can never know whether you are being healed or getting trapped in the hands of a black magician. It is better to be safe than sorry for years to come.

Ask the healer if it is a one time work or the healer will work on you as and when you get hit by a spirit attack. It is extremely hard to find a healer who can stop the spell attacks or spirit attacks from hitting you as most of the healers will cleanse & heal you as you get attacked. Shields do not work for long and even if they work, they only last for a few hours or a few days as the black magicians have thousands of techniques to break the shields just as a hacker can break into the sensitive data of anyone.

Money: Any healer, no matter who they are, should not charge you more than a couple of hundred for one-time work. Watch for lemon squeezers. The genuine healer must be paid for their hard work since much work is involved and the healer always carries the risk of dying trying to help victims. Beware of free healing services offered by people, either they do not work, donations are expected, or the free healing is used as bait. 

There are many lemon squeezers out there that demand large upfront amounts. They will tell you that your case is a tough one and requires the sacrifice of a goat, sheep, buffalo, etc or they will have to travel to a specific mountain to do rituals for X number of days. Do not fall into such traps. Any one-time fee is nothing but a fast trap. Once you have paid them everything you have, either they will vanish or will stop working after they get exhausted by the enemy black magician. Candle burning is another excuse often used.

A genuine healer will only charge you a set monthly fee that is affordable and justified at both ends. With the monthly fee system, you can never be a loser. A genuine healer will always give you the option to have your money back if you are not satisfied within a certain time period.

Conclusion: Know the healer's way of working and look for their internet presence. Anyone claiming to have tens of thousands of clients is lying. Any healer, Maulana or Tantrik who demands large amounts to start the healing work is a total fake. Always use Credit Card or PayPal to pay where you have the option to recover your money and not be sorry.

Pray to the universe and ask the universe to direct you in the right direction or bring the right healer into your life to resolve your issues. Prayers do work. God will not come and treat you or heal you, but you will be guided in the right direction by praying with full faith.