Black magic symptoms

Symptoms of Black Magic: Are you a victim of Black magic, evil spells or witchcraft? 

Self Evaluation Based on Symptoms

Check the symptoms listed below, for your convenience the symptoms have been divided into three color-coded categories. The more symptoms you have from each category, the stronger the black magic is.

yellow e1500748021559 Basic     red e1500748089588Serious    black e1500748143977 Deadly

yellow e1500748021559 Basic Symptoms: social indications

  • You sense people are avoiding you
  • Constant conflicts, fights, or quarrels arising for no reason
  • Relationship issues: fighting with your spouse or kids
  • Your work suffers
  • Blocked growth
  • Friends and relatives do not believe or trust you
  • People start giving you strange looks
  • You begin experiencing bad luck
  • You feel there is no blessing in your house

yellow e1500748021559 Basic Symptoms: Mind-Body Level

  • Blocked Dreams
  • Nightmares & waking up shaking in fear
  • Disturbed-interrupted sleep
  • Sexual dreams, dreaming of water, falling from heights, dirty bathrooms, animals, snakes
  • You see dead people or dead relatives in your dreams or you dream of being killed
  • Waking up suddenly in fear
  • Feeling a tight band around the head
  • Feeling weak
  • Sudden onset of apathy or disinterest in life
  • Hopelessness
  • Mood swings 
  • Dryness of mouth at night-increased thirst-extreme hunger-not hungry at all
  • Unexplained heaviness in the body
  • Sudden goosebumps
  • Energy being sucked out of legs, especially at bedtime
  • Tightness in body 
  • Sudden change in thinking
  • An unknown fear or fogginess surrounds you at all times

red e1500748089588 Serious Symptoms: Body-Mind-Spirituality

  • Dreaming of Snakes, Scorpions & Spiders, blackbirds, crow, dogs or other animals
  • Violent and deadly nightmares that are realistic and impact your day negatively
  • You see black dots or geometrical shapes when awake
  • Tightness and heaviness 
  • Extreme hunger 
  • A constant uneasiness that does not go away
  • Dream invasion, Rape, or sexual assaults in dream state, Ugly and Scary people trying to kill you or running after you
  • Suddenly waking up in fear
  • Your complexion darkens
  • Dark or Grey smoke is seen in front of the eyes when awake
  • Stinging sensation as if needles or pins are poked
  • Feeling like you are on fire
  • You see shadows or feel someone is behind you or you hear voices
  • Cracking/thumping sound coming from walls, mirrors, closets, attics or basements
  • Extensive paranormal activity around you
  • Frequent accidents
  • Spirit attacking in sleep

red e1500748089588 Additional symptoms pertaining to MEN

  • Excessive Acidic product Consumption
  • Smoking 
  • Excessive/obsessive interest in sex
  • Shrinking in size of male private part
  • Excessive mood swings and extreme anger
  • Lack of interest in life and at work
  • Sexual dreams and discharge at night
  • Rapid Ageing; graying of hair leading to baldness

red e1500748089588 Additional symptoms pertaining to WOMEN

  • Black patches on the face
  • Bruise (blackish & Bluish) marks around private parts
  • Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is real
  • Irritation in the private parts
  • Abnormal monthly cycle
  • An unexpected change in women
  • Unable to have children
  • Unable to hold the pregnancy resulting in miscarriage
  • Unexplained confusions
  • Extreme Fear & Negative thoughts
  • Emotional Highs and Lows
  • Rapid Ageing & ugliness taking over an attractive personality (Rapid deformation of facial features)
  • Hair fall and discoloration of hair or rapid graying

red e1500748089588 Signs of Spirit/Demonic Possession

  • Your aura gets weak and many holes appear in the aura 
  • You experience shivering and trembling while going in and out of sleep
  • You feel that something came in or something left your body, it can also happen with a jerk
  • In possessions the victim’s personality changes, the placement of the eyes change, attitude changes, it’s like operating two people in the same body at different times, again depending upon the possession.
  • Suddenly gets angry
  • increased food consumption or aversion to food
  • Drinking problem
  • Odd, out-of-character behavior
  • You hear voices inside of you and confusion

black e1500748143977 Final Stages of Spirit Possession/Black Magic with very little recovery time left

  • Sudden personality changes
  • Abnormal positioning of the eyeballs
  • Sudden and abnormal voice changes
  • Loss of awareness and consciousness
  • Thoughts of self-destruction
  • Excessive acidic product consumption 
  • Substance Abuse

Unexpected problems at work 

  • Your co-workers start feeling uneasy in your presence
  • You start coughing when you start talking with people
  • Co-workers get a promotion or a raise while you get neglected
  • Bad luck and Blockages

If your symptoms belong to the Serious or Deadly categories, You must not ignore this issue as wasting time could cost you dearly. Look for an honest healer in your local area or take our help in getting evaluated. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get a professional evaluation from our healers below: