Black magic symptoms

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myspirit removebg previewHey, I just want to give a sincere thank you to the healer and your services. I’m grateful to God like you said, but I wanted to say this because I’m finally noticing some shifts again. My memory is clearing up. I was honestly a tad skeptical at first, despite the symptoms and paranormal activities, but I’m noticing huge improvements. It’s difficult for me to accept that there are malicious people who would do this to someone, but I’m grateful to God for being led to your site for healing because being pro-active is what matter, then I suppose just move on and let it go.

My mind and memory starting to operate at more capacity again have been such a blessing, as I’m a student and was beginning to struggle and stray off my path.

A.S from U.S.A

myspirit removebg previewThings are going pretty well.  I just wanted you to know that I really do thank God for having found you and for the healer every day when I get up and when I go to bed.  So, at least twice a day I give thanks for the two of you.   At one time I didn’t think I was ever going to find someone who could help me with this problem and it took me nearly 10 years to even figure out what it was.  I spent nine years lost and thinking I was getting hit by some kind of exotic government weapons and I spent nearly three years lost in groups of people who gather on the internet thinking the same thing.  One day I was researching around the internet and it finally occurred to me something else might be going on and I went looking for help for black magic and found you guys.  I don’t even know that I’d be here and sane today if I hadn’t.   I was pretty off balance for a few months when I started with you guys and you were patient and kind.  I feel a lot saner and supported through all of this now.

So, thank you guys for all of your help



myspirit removebg previewAn excellent service.  My life was a mess before I started being healed.  Although not 100% perfect, my life is much better than it was before.  Like others, I was in two minds as to whether black magic really existed at first.  But after being healed for the first time I can see for myself that it really does exist.  If you think that you may be a victim then I would definitely recommend getting yourself healed by this healing group.



myspirit removebg previewI have wanted to reach out to you often to thank you and your team for saving my life and the life of my children.  I felt bad not sending this letter sooner, but I was guided not to, to ensure I didn’t draw any attention to you by writing.  Your kindness has always remained with me and I have thought of your team often.   I will be always and forever grateful.  It is with such great excitement that I tell you today that so much has changed since then. I have completely dedicated my soul life to the destruction of Black Magic and the evil that has destroyed our planet.  It is with great heart I tell you that we have been victorious. We are approaching a new era where they will no longer have dominion over us. It’s already happening.  Soon we will be able to celebrate this freedom. It is with all the love in my heart that I again THANK YOU and bless you and your family for all of their support.  If there is anything you ever need, please call upon me.
LOVE, Colleen